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valuation consulting

As economic and industry climates change, your strategies for optimal operating must adjust. At Quantum Strategy Consulting, we offer valuation consulting services that keep you competitive and will help you reorganize your operating plans in order to ensure that you sustain growth and innovation..

Our valuation consulting offerings include:

  • How to Maximize Business Value
  • Develop Exit Planning Strategies
  • Assistance in Transferring Ownership

Valuation Consulting is an art and not a science. Getting a valuation right requires expertise and experience to arrive at a value that is appropriate, as well as being supported by reasonable argument and sound judgement.

In any engagement, we build a strong understanding of the business and analyse the complex factors that can affect value, in order to determine robust and defensible valuation opinions.


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financial due diligence

All businesses involved in an acquisition, as buyers or sellers, need to ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to prevent paying too much (or in a seller’s case receiving too little) but also to ensure that their governance and risk management objectives are met.

Quantum Strategy’s aim is to provide clients with clear insights into the viability and reliability of potential investments, acquisition, merger or joint venture projects. We also offer practical solutions to issues identified during the due diligence that may impact the investments in the future but should be considered during the investment negotiation stage.

Without doubt, the success of an acquisition to an acquirer, be it a corporate or financial investor, can be significantly influenced by the extent and quality of the due diligence undertaken. Financial due diligence is a key aspect of the overall investigation into the target.

Our financial due diligence team comprises specialists who are deeply committed and experienced in providing:

  • due diligence for investors, banks and private equity houses (e.g. when considering funding a management buy-out); and
  • due diligence for corporate acquirers, in which case we report to the acquirer and, where appropriate, their funders.

The specifics of the deal always determine the scope of financial due diligence. However, the process typically includes:

  • an in-depth analysis of underlying historic performance, cash flows, assets and liabilities;
  • a critique of management’s forecasts, including the working capital requirements of the business; and
  • a review of the underlying financial systems and controls.