Financial Reporting Valuation

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The current business and regulatory environment is dynamic to say the least. The past decade has seen regulators, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders force sweeping changes in Fair Value accounting in an effort to promote transparency and consistency in reported financial information.

We understand the sensitivity of financial reporting timing needs and have the team to effectively meet your deadlines on time, every time.

We provide independent and objective valuation opinions to help clients comply with the fair value financial reporting requirements under  Financial Accounting Standards (FRS).

Integrity to do the right thing—no matter what

Financial reporting is one of our core services. We help you meet regulatory and reporting requirements with trusted and compliant business valuations. We combine valuation expertise, industry specialization and practical knowledge of accounting standards to provide a high-quality analysis for every client’s unique situation.

We’re looking ahead. Our approach is to add value to every engagement with strategic business and market insights that help take your business to the next level of success.

Reliable solutions

We provide valuations that offer more than just financial reporting—they’ll help you see issues, trends or opportunities to make better decisions that accelerate your business.

While the fair value, mark-to-market debate rages on, businesses must comply with complex standards for financial statement reporting that require assistance from professionals with valuation experience and comprehensive knowledge of fair value accounting standards. Under the increasing scrutiny of independent auditors, businesses need meaningful and reliable financial information in compliance with fair value standards.

Financial reporting issues that require a valuation include:

  • Purchase price allocations for financial statement reporting.
  • Impairment testing for financial statement reporting.
  • Financial Instrument Fair Value Measurement.
  • Share Based Payment.
  • Stock Option.
  • Fresh Start Accounting.
  • Fair Value Measurement.
  • Valuing intellectual property and other intangible assets.
  • Fairness Opinion ESOP and Sweat Equity Valuation.

our expertises


For companies with audit or review requirements, fair value standards have become a natural source of friction between accounting departments and audit firms.


This is exacerbated by a rapidly evolving set of unique rules, changes to the names of accounting standards, and inconsistent applications of valuation theory and expectations across the realm of major players.


Fair value reporting is constantly changing, and at Quantum Strategy, we have the experience and depth to make your valuation needs as painless as possible.

Combining technical valuation expertise, knowledge of the accounting guidance and a practical perspective, we are able to assist clients with their valuation challenges in a thorough, yet efficient manner.

Our deep financial background, broad functional skills and industry expertise enhances our ability to provide reliable fair value opinions that will withstand the scrutiny of auditors, and other regulatory bodies.


You need an experienced independent advisor that can help you navigate the complexities of Fair Value accounting and ensure that your financial reporting is beyond reproach.