Why Us

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Quantum Strategy has the experience and pedigree to meet your business valuation needs. We works with our clients to understand their business, make informed decisions, and formulate opinions that withstand the rigors of all types of possible challenges.

We takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and design custom solutions that exceed expectations. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share our insights about business valuation.

Why Choose Us

Quantum Strategy Consulting provides comprehensive valuation services for privately held businesses. Our team has expertise in providing you with a professional evaluation of your business.

Our Value Propositions:

  • We possess highly developed analytical, critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills that are essential to deliver superior valuation services.
  • We have a thorough understanding of the unique attributes of a private business and how to factor those attributes into our opinions of value.
  • We understand the critical importance of using relevant capital market evidence to support our opinions of value.
  • We possess the requisite skills to effectively communicate our value opinions, both in oral form and in our written reports.
  • We know how to construct our deliverables in a manner that will withstand the scrutiny of an adversarial party.
  • We design and prepare our work product in a manner that is effective for the purpose for which we are engaged.
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Valuing a closely held business is like forecasting the weather: Everyone wants an absolute, scientifically determined, accurate answer, but no one has come up with a way to achieve this goal. If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, however, it is that business valuation is an art, not a science. All the statistical, mathematical, and economic formulas concocted over the years cannot determine with certainty the value of a going business to a specific party over a future time period.