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“Price is what you pay; value is what you get”
Warren Buffett

Price is the amount of money that is paid by the buyer to the seller in exchange for goods or services. Whereas Value is acknowledging whether that product or service is worth the money to be paid. Value is not expressed in the terms of money.

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Valuing your business is like seeing the future with crystal clarity”

Our Services

Quantum Strategy specialize in serving closely held business owners. We understand the challenges associated with valuing assets that are illiquid and lack market-based comparisons. We design and prepare our work product in a manner that is effective for the purpose for which we are engaged. We are dedicated to providing accurate, impartial, and comprehensive valuation services.

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Business Valuation

Our business valuation services include a comprehensive examination of various components. This encompasses financial statements, projected revenue, market conditions, industry trends, intellectual property, and any other tangible or intangible assets. We employ industry-standard valuation methodologies with our business valuation advisory services to ensure an accurate and unbiased valuation of your company.

We offer a powerful combination of independence, certified expertise, and real-world experience, personal service, professionalism, and resources with sophisticated expertise in all types of valuation methodologies to deliver consistent, high-quality valuations.

We believe that a strong and defensible valuation is best prepared collaboratively – after all, nobody on earth has as much information as our client about their business, their industry, their customers, and their challenges. At the same time, many engagements demand a high degree of impartiality.

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Financial Reporting Valuation

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The company has the responsibility to present financial information accurately and fairly for their shareholders, creditors, and other interested parties. When preparing financial statements for these groups, firms typically present financial information in keeping with customary accounting standards. These standards require that certain assets and liabilities be measured at fair value.

The evolving business environment requires professional advice on fair value rather than the historical value as provided by the financial statements. The Regulatory and the management needs for Fair Valuation for different purposes has multiplied over the years.

Fair value measurements can be complex, we provide independent and objective Fair Value Measurement services for financial reporting requirements under IFRS.

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Business Advisory

Our business advisory service gives founders and small business owners access to expert support as they grow in a flexible, efficient way. The role of an advisor can vary depending on the specific needs of a client, but will always offer reassurance, trust and independent thinking across a range of skillsets.

Our advisers will have a holistic understanding of your business, ready to solve any issue our clients come up against. We are accountable problem solvers with highly aligned experiences and the ability to offer impartial, insightful direction.

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How can we help

Bringing confidence and clarity to the most complex valuation matters.

Our business valuation services providing you with expert information when you need it. Quantum Strategy provides our clients with sound valuation advice that is straightforward, clearly documented, and demonstrates a strong technical basis for the valuation supported by considered and detailed expert analysis.

We communicate clearly so you can make commercial decisions with confidence on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, divestments, project finance and strategy.
  • Financial reporting requirements for business combination accounting, impairment testing, convertible notes, derivatives and share based payments.
  • Marital Dissolution.
  • Employee incentive arrangements.
  • Shareholder or partnership dispute.
  • Exit Strategy Planning.